About Us

It our job to give u the right advice and services that u need toward your computer purchases, network designs & repairs costs so that u can get the most out of your products over the years. We stand behind in our recommendations, warranty, and our fast service.

For business & residential clients, data is the most important part of your business & personal life that need to be secured from hacking, external threats, employee sabotage & Hardware or Software failure. We do our best to setup internal, external or cloud backup for your business data and also disaster recovery plans as well as solid protection from external threats, hackers, viruses and employee sabotage.

Many businesses find it challenging to deploy, maintain and protect their technology. Whether you’re looking to keep IT costs down and predictable or avoid unexpected problems, with the right support partner, methodologies, resources and tools that align with your core business philosophy Fast Computer Repair Ltd. can deliver a solid computer environment from which your business can flourish and succeed.

Our Vision.

We understand how hard it become to accomplish many tasks when computers/network runs into issues due to computer virus, spyware, hardware & network problems. Our goal is having your computers repaired or network issues resolved fast through on-site visit or remote support by our technician. We'll do our best to have your computers repaired and delivered back you on a same day or the next day so that u can carry on with your daily business.